Security Systems Integrator

Solution Development

KESA Inc. is a High-Tech security systems integrator designing electronic, mechanical and IT-based solutions. Driving security integration of Alarms, Access Control, Video Surveillance, and Intrusion Alarms for over 10 years. Our engineers, network professionals, and cameras experts design a centralized security system to provide complete and easy to manage control to our customers. We provide versatility in design and provide our customers with the solutions to accommodate fast-moving technology. Our in-house CAD department provides detailed construction drawings with camera range proximities and placements.

Risk Assessment

KESA will assist or guide you in this first step toward the development of a security solution. The industry standard for this is the ASIS 7-step general security risk assessment guideline. The guideline defines a process that starts with the identification of assets and risk events and ends with a solution cost-benefit analysis. Properly done the product is not only the security you want and need but a documented rationale for the investment.

System Design

The functional design should clearly define the extent of the solution’s protection. It may involve multiple technologies for the most effective solution. Minimizing the burden placed on general staff to maintain security and respond to emergencies should typically be a demonstrable objective. Value-driven component selection may require several different supplier sources. Exterior components will be weatherproof, interior components will be vandal and wear-resistant as needed. System operation will be well protected from the dangers of tampering, surges, electrical strikes, etc. as well as single points of failure if possible. A good design will deliver a security solution for adaptation to meet anticipated future needs.

System Integration

System integration is the bringing together of the component sub-systems into one system and ensuring that the subsystems function together as a system. A system is an aggregation of subsystems cooperating so that the system can deliver the over-arching functionality. System integration involves integrating existing (often disparate) subsystems. System integration is also about value-adding (to the system) capabilities that are possible because of interactions between sub-systems.

System Maintenance and Service

The overarching goal is to maintain the operability of your security solution with the same effectiveness experienced as it was commissioned. Electronics degrade and fail, and sites often continuously require system tweaks as they grow. A good service program will make available to you certified service personnel as well as standard and emergency response times you can depend on. KESA maintains stock for repair and loan and even has inhouse bench repair capability for rapid, cost-effective turnaround. If you have outgrown your security systems or they are generally showing their age KESA Inc. can offer mid-life upgrades and/or “system refreshes” which progressively secure your operations and people.