Equipment Relocation

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The Right Plan Makes a Difference

It’s simply an everyday practicality that businesses need to relocate heavy equipment from time to time. ATMs, computerized kiosks, vending machines, and more often require detailed planning and specialized equipment to successfully move from one location to another across your property. At KESA Inc., we’ve got your back. Our team has the necessary equipment and the professional experience to safely and efficiently relocate all kinds of equipment and bulky objects from one place to another. Regardless of your property layout or complexities in the relocation route, KESA can develop and execute the right plan to ensure your equipment is successfully relocated without causing damage to your organization’s property.

Protecting Your Property During the Move

Two fundamentals that play a large role in the success of heavy equipment relocation projects are capability and safety. With the right relocation equipment, KESA Inc. makes it look easy to move even the heaviest and most cumbersome of objects and equipment throughout your premises. Safety also plays an essential role, because no project is successful if people are hurt or property is damaged during the attempt. At KESA, our entire team is hand-selected to ensure the very best level of service and safety. Our team is constantly revising our techniques to ensure we’re utilizing the best equipment and safety standards in the industry – so you can relocate your equipment efficiently and affordably.