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CAD & Engineering Services

Is your organization ready to grow or make modifications to your infrastructure? KESA Inc. is home to a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers who specialize in field surveying, computer-aided drafting, permitting, and more. From our central Anaheim, CA headquarters to our client properties in the field, our team works seamlessly with project managers, our clients, and their municipalities to ensure any construction or property renovation project is carefully managed to the highest standards – with exceptional detail from the computer screen to the jobsite.

From Survey to Completion

KESA Inc. provides financial institutions, commercial real estate enterprises, and more with detailed plans and blueprints for all of their essential onsite systems, including access, alarm, and video systems, safe deposit box and cash vaults, onsite ATMs, AB244 security lighting, tenant improvement initiatives, site accessibility and ADA access compliance, and so much more. The professional engineers at KESA ensure a smooth and meticulous process for projects of every size – from smaller installation and relocation jobs to larger site development projects and full-scale renovations. Trust the experts at KESA for professional CAD services and personalized engineering that enhances your business.