ATM Integrated Solutions

ATM Banking Case

KESA was asked by Wells Fargo to take over a troubled project in Del Mar, CA. It was informed that the other vendor they had hired for a new ATM installation on a non-Wells Fargo property had not followed the directions of the property owner who was also an experienced Architect. The other vendor had prepared to pour concrete over water pipes for the property fountains. With good reason, the owner was very upset and had removed the vendor from his property and refused to work with the Wells Fargo lease negotiator.

KESA Inc. was asked to step in, work with the owner, and salvage the project as this was to be the only offsite Wells Fargo ATM in the city. Working closely with the property owner KESA studied the issues, conducted several site visits with him and satisfy the owner’s detailed construction and lighting requirements for his properties. After several months of effective communication and fieldwork, KESA eventually completed the project to the owner’s satisfaction and the Wells Fargo ATM continues to operate on the property.



ATM Banking Case In Point

Around early 2016 KESA Inc. was requested by Wells Fargo Bank (link) (as part of its expansion plans) to construct drive-up island ATM/Kiosk in Reno/Sparks NV area. Given the landscape of the area as well as KESA’s unfamiliarity with the local resources this was a relatively complex project. From the start, KESA involvement was not only with its direct customer (WFB) but also with two different landlords and developers that owned the Shopping Center where the ATM was ultimately located.

The project was of high complexity as it required multiple different drawings and cost proposal revisions, permits which took over a 4-month period to produce. The project got further complex due to changes and revisions required by all entities involving privacy and municipalities on items such as drive lane direction/car stacking, traffic direction, adjacent parking/ADA parking, curbing and landscaping development, light pole and fixture requirements, line boring to trenching revisions. Due to such changes, the city drawings and project pricing were revised six times over the course of a year and a half.

The construction finally started at the end of June 2018 but due to several obstacles was not completed until November 2018. The ATM finally went live on November 20th, 2018. KESA returned to the site three additional times over the next few months into early 2019 for Kiosk roof resealing, surveillance camera-related work.

The success of a project of such complexity lies in KESA’s hard work, perseverance, attention to detail, teamwork, and dealing with mistakes that were out of its control in order to improve the quality and fiscal return on future projects. It’s is our belief that customer satisfaction is supreme which sets an urgency to perform at the highest level for us irrespective of the circumstances irrespective of the projects it embarks upon.