ATM Banking Case #2: WFB Del Mar – Repairing Another Vendor’s Damage

KESA was asked by Wells Fargo to take over a troubled project in Del Mar, CA. It was informed that the other vendor they had hired for a new ATM installation on a non-Wells Fargo property had not followed the directions of the property owner who was also an experienced Architect. The other vendor had prepared to pour concrete over water pipes for the property fountains. With good reason, the owner was very upset and had removed the vendor from his property and refused to work with the Wells Fargo lease negotiator.

KESA Inc. was asked to step in, work with the owner, and salvage the project as this was to be the only offsite Wells Fargo ATM in the city. Working closely with the property owner KESA studied the issues, conducted several site visits with him and satisfy the owner’s detailed construction and lighting requirements for his properties. After several months of effective communication and fieldwork, KESA eventually completed the project to the owner’s satisfaction and the Wells Fargo ATM continues to operate on the property.