About Us


For almost a quarter of a century, KESA Inc. has been a trusted construction partner to the financial and banking industries (Est. 2003) across the United States. Our menu offering includes ATM banking installation, electronic security services including but not limited to, access control, network video, security alarm, CAD & engineering and finally, light construction services. Our value proposition is centered around supreme Knowledge, Experience, the highest quality Service, and Accuracy. As a trusted ATM construction company who services the largest financial institutions in the United States, we managed to execute small as well as large and simple as well as complex projects. In addition, we are proud to say that throughout this time, our clients, and employees, kept their strong loyalty to us. It is rather simple, once you become our customer, you become part of the KESA family and we are only a phone call away.


When you partner with us to address your upcoming project, our team will do everything possible to assist you in bringing your project to completion! From construction, engineering and security system installation projects to smaller ATM and equipment relocation we deliver the safe, secure, and streamlined service your organization needs to stay competitive in your industry. When it comes to light construction, KESA is the perfect teammate for tenant improvement initiatives and full-scale renovation projects simply because we offer complete project management expertise as well as scalable service – ensuring you receive exactly what you need without breaking your budget.